Every youth and adult actor alike spend 90% of their time auditioning. Knowing how to audition is a specific skill that every youth actor needs to learn, in addition to acting, in order to be successful in obtaining roles. In this class, your kid will learn and apply the fundamentals of this skill to scenes that they will choose and bring to each class. 

Ages: 10-13 | 14-17
Cost: $200 per month

*Discounts available if taking this as a second class.

Voice Work


Vancouver is one of the premiere destinations in the world to work as a voice over actor. Youth actors can go into voice over for cartoons, video games, commercials, narrations and more! The beauty with voice over is that we can be anything we want to be! Choose a character you like. You are welcome to choose boy roles if you are a girl and vice versa. Anything goes!

Ages: 6-9 | 10-13 | 14-17
Cost: $200 per month

*Discounts available if taking this as a second class.  


Youth Acting Classes atStory Institute

Although more known in the world of theatre, improv is an essential skill in film and TV. Youth actors who know what to do and say even when the script ends are the actors who are hired. Through improv games and plays students will learn how to think on their feet, hone their character, take direction in auditions and become more grounded. 

Ages: ago 6-9 | 10-13 | 14-17
Cost: $150 per month

*Discounts available if taking this as a second class.



Available in audition, voicing cartoons and improv, these workshops are an excellent opportunity to try something new.  Students will get an introduction to the class and learn what it takes to make it in the industry. 

Ages: 6-9 | 10-13 | 14-17
Cost: $100 per workshop



Summer & Spring Camps

Our week-long camps are an amazing opportunity to try out all of Story Institute’s class offerings, and more importantly, have fun!

Age: 6-9 | 10-13
Please contact for pricing.

You'll have access to:


Free coaching for professional film and television auditions

Coaching can be expensive. In some cases it can be as much s $75 or more. Actors often have to ask themselves “Is this one of the big ones I should take more seriously?”

What if coaching was included at no additional charge? What if every single audition could be treated like “the big one?”

We see every audition as that chance.

Free SELF-TAPES for professional film and television auditions

Even prior to the pandemic, the world have been evolving to more technological solutions in all industries. Film and television isn’t any different. This specific skill can make or break an audition. If it’s not lit right, framed properly, or of the sound is off… it can negatively affect an otherwise beautiful performance. Don’t give them any reason to say no. Always deliver your “A” game. Every single time.

Guidance and mentorship on career
agents, headshots,...

This industry isn’t always trying to find out the right answers, it is sometimes trying to find the right questions first. We are here and happy to meet or take a call if you have any questions or need help with agents, headshots, resumes, or any of the other crucial elements of your career.

Story Institute Instructor Devyn Dalton

train with industry leading professional actors

Our instructors don’t show you what should work in theory or what they’ve been told should make you better. They give you the same skills and knowledge they use in their everyday careers to book the roles they have been performing for years.