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We’re not just another film or acting school in Vancouver. We’re a story school. And the difference can literally make or break a career.

How many times have you seen a show that looked cool. Great Production quality. But the story? Not so much. Look at Pixar. Look at Marvel. There’s a reason they kill it year after year, and the reason is story.

Story is why we love the shows and the music we do, and still adore them years later. That’s why great storytelling is at the centre of every one of our proframs. Our instructors don’t just train good actors, writers, and music makers: We develop game-chaniging storytellers and influencers ready to entertain and transform audiences.


To have the greatest success and influence immediately after graduation, you want to start meeting key players – fellow artists, agents, producers while you’re in training. Since the majority of production Vancouver, it only make sense to train and network here.

Story Institute provides the most complete writing, music creation, an acting classes Vancouver has to offer. Take advantage of industry full-time diploma and part-time certificate programs for teens of all experience and backgrounds.

Our writing and acting training programs provide the skills required professionals. Critical industry insights and techniques, experience and a world-class business package to secure work within the incredible diversity of today’s media formats and platforms. Artists we’ve trained have worked on top shows film & TV.



  • Power-packed 6 month Programs get you professionally trained
  • World-class business training and portfolio
  • Lifetime mentorship and access to our studios
  • Small student-friendly group sizes
  • Network directly with agents industry




How many times have you seen a movie or TV show that looked cool…but the story? Didn’t grab you at all. Couldn’t connect with the characters. No clue what it was trying to say.

Fact: Story is king. It’s why we love the shows we do. Why we want to see them over and over again. Why we still adore them years later.

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Story Institute Vancouver Acting Classes

Acting is a fun and lucrative career for people with the unique looks, natural skills and proper training. If you have an interest in acting and want to get the training and preparation to increase your chances of breaking into the industry, give us a call. We have the staff, effective system and expertise to prepare you for any type of acting in which you have an interest. We are the Vancouver acting school that can prepare you for acting roles on stage, screen, videos, television and more. We offer the Vancouver acting classes for beginners and veteran actors can use to improve their skills.

A Variety Of Techniques

Many people say we are the best acting school in Vancouver because of our caring, talented, experienced instructors and the wide range of acting techniques we teach. Some of the basic techniques we teach in our Vancouver acting classes include:

Classical Acting
Method Acting
The Chekhov Acting Technique
Practical Aesthetics Acting Technique
Meisner Acting Technique

These are some of the acting techniques people in the industry must master if they want to improve their chances of having a long, lucrative, fulfilling, career. Our Vancouver acting courses teach all of the acting techniques actor need to know if they want to make the characters they portray come to life. These are essential acting techniques beginners to veteran Hollywood A-list actors use every day.

Basic And Advanced Techniques

The curriculum at our Vancouver acting school covers both the basic acting techniques all actors must know and the advanced techniques that get people noticed. We take the time to break down the acting techniques into simple steps to ensure all students understand what’s required and how to master it. By teaching several different techniques, we prepare our students for a wide variety of roles in any medium. We make it easy to learn the techniques actors must know to be successful in the industry. We work with beginners just learning the basics and veterans who want to improve their craft.

A Solid Foundation

In our Vancouver acting classes beginers gain the solid foundation they need to master the craft of acting. We offer classes in the most important areas actors need to have a solid foundation and be able to handle any role. Our Vancouver acting courses cover:

1. Acting Technique
2. Scene Study
3. Cold/Sight Reading
4. Improvisation
5. Audition Technique
6. Commercial Acting
7. Voice Training
8. Body Awareness, Positioning and Movement
9. Classical/Shakespearean Acting Techniques
10. Voice-Over
11. Breathing Techniques
12. Timing

In-Depth Preparation

Our classes prepare actors for just about every type of role they may encounter. We help aspiring actors understand how to use both their bodies and their voices to produce a winning performance. Awareness of all the elements that go into producing a great performance is crucial. We help actors understand how, why and when to position their bodies or use their voices in different ways and how to play off people and props effectively. We cover economy of motion, the power of dramatic pauses and even how to use breathing and every element of the face and facial expressions to add to the performance.

Staff Of Experienced Professionals

People say we have the best acting classes in Vancouver because of the experience, knowledge, skills and professionalism of our staff. Our team includes people who have worked in every area of the industry. We have instructors who have appeared on stage, screen and television. They have worked in small productions and major cinematic presentations. They are able to share unique insights into the craft of acting from the point of view of both the actor and the director. These men and women are masters of the art of acting and are committed to sharing the skills aspiring actors need to succeed.

Full And Part-Time Classes

At our Vancover acting studio, we offer full and part-time classes. Whether you are in the position to fully immerse yourself in training full time to become a working actor or you have a job to meet your responsibilities and only have a few hours a day to gain the skills necessary to prepare yourself for a career as an actor, we can help. We offer acting classes during the day, evenings and weekends. We can help you to create a schedule of classes that enables you to pursue your dream career while taking care of your day to day responsibilities. We understand the actor’s journey.

Small Class Size

We limit the size of our Vancouver acting classes to ensure each student gets the personalized attention they need to master the required skills. Our instructors have the time to focus on each student, create a personalized development plan for them and give them the individualized attention they need. Our small class sizes allow the work of each aspiring actor to be seen, analyzed, critiqued and corrected by our instructors in a timely manner. Each individual is given the guidance and training they need to grow as at their own pace under the watchful eyes of our expert instructors.

Affordable Tuition

Our Vancouver acting courses are affordably priced and can fit into almost any budget. People are pleasantly surprised when they see the prices we charge for our acting classes. People from every socioeconomic level can afford to finance their goal of becoming actors by taking classes with us. From the Vancouver acting classes beginers take to the advanced classes offered for experienced actors, all are reasonably priced. Our classes won’t make you go broke as you work to make your dream of becoming an actor a reality. We make getting the skills and training to become an actor affordable.

An Enjoyable Experience

Becoming a talented actors takes focus, discipline and hard work. It’s a serious pursuit that can sometimes require hours of grueling practice. However, people are often willing and able to learn more and work at gaining new skills longer if they are enjoying the process. Our innovative instructors create fun activities that relieve the stress of learning important lessons. Aspiring actors get the opportunity to enjoy themselves while testing their chops and learning the intricacies of the acting profession through impromptu improvisational skits and other fun opportunities to perform.

Performance Oriented

Our Vancouver acting studio is performance oriented. We have countless spaces and opportunities for students to test themselves and show what they have learned. They perform challenging short pieces that require them to stretch themselves and draw on their training. For many students, this is their favorite part of their Vancouver acting classes. It puts them on stage, in front of the camera, their peers and their instructors working with some of the most difficult material they have ever encountered. But these painful lessons let aspiring actors know where they are and what it will take to reach their goals.

Rich, Challenging, Unique Experiences

Many students who have taken classes at our Vancover acting studio and gone on to work professionally as actors say we are the best acting school in Vancouver because of the rich, challenging, unique, experiences they went through. It truly prepared them to make it as actors. We use unique, diverse, methods to push students to be their best and bring out talents they never realized they had. Students sometimes emerge from our Vancouver acting courses covered in sweat, drained, yet feeling exhilarated because they know they just took an important step in creating a bright future as an actor.

Our Standards Are High

At our Vancouver acting school our standards are high, our training rigorous and our instructors demanding. Our goal is to deliver the best acting classes in Vancouver. To do that our entire staff gives their best and demands the same thing from our students. We teach young actors how to reach inside themselves and the world around them for lessons, inspiration, endurance and courage to do the work necessary to break new ground and grow. Actors leave our Vancover acting studio with a confidence in their acting skills born of hard, intense work, effective instruction and an understand of what it takes to be a successful actor.

Teaching Technical Skills

Good acting classes teaches students to marry art and science to create a convincing performance that looks entirely natural. To deliver the best acting classes in Vancouver, we teach the technical skills actors need to be able to inhabit a role and animate a character. Our students learn how to use their breathing, their voices, the movement and positioning of their bodies and the expressions and inflections of their faces to delineate characters and make them believable.

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If you truly enjoy acting and want to be the very best actor you can, give us a call. We are the best acting school in Vancouver and we can provide you with the training you need. Our classes provide the skills, techniques and knowledge to make you a better, more well-rounded actor and help you have a successful acting career.

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