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We’re not just another film or acting school in Vancouver. We’re a story school. And the difference can literally make or break a career.

How many times have you seen a show that looked cool. Great Production quality. But the story? Not so much. Look at Pixar. Look at Marvel. There’s a reason they kill it year after year, and the reason is story.

Story is why we love the shows and the music we do, and still adore them years later. That’s why great storytelling is at the centre of every one of our proframs. Our instructors don’t just train good actors, writers, and music makers: We develop game-chaniging storytellers and influencers ready to entertain and transform audiences.


To have the greatest success and influence immediately after graduation, you want to start meeting key players – fellow artists, agents, producers while you’re in training. Since the majority of production Vancouver, it only make sense to train and network here.

Story Institute provides the most complete writing, music creation, an acting classes Vancouver has to offer. Take advantage of industry full-time diploma and part-time certificate programs for teens of all experience and backgrounds.

Our writing and acting training programs provide the skills required professionals. Critical industry insights and techniques, experience and a world-class business package to secure work within the incredible diversity of today’s media formats and platforms. Artists we’ve trained have worked on top shows film & TV.



  • Power-packed 6 month Programs get you professionally trained
  • World-class business training and portfolio
  • Lifetime mentorship and access to our studios
  • Small student-friendly group sizes
  • Network directly with agents industry




How many times have you seen a movie or TV show that looked cool…but the story? Didn’t grab you at all. Couldn’t connect with the characters. No clue what it was trying to say.

Fact: Story is king. It’s why we love the shows we do. Why we want to see them over and over again. Why we still adore them years later.

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