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Vancouver-Based TV – Local Talent Poised For Bigger Role Amid Travel Concerns

By Nellie Andreeva Courtesy of Deadline As Hollywood is cautiously charting a path back to TV production, Vancouver may help lead the way. A number of shows filming up north have set tentative July-August production start dates, I hear. They include ABC’s The...

Here’s what Toronto’s $2B-a-year film industry could look like once it reopens

by Julia Knope Courtesy of CBC Although many Toronto businesses have been given the green light to start reopening, film, television and digital productions set to shoot in the city this year are still shut down — with no plans in place to resume in the near...

British Columbia Film Production to Restart Amid Safety Guidelines

By Etan Vlessing Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter Hollywood cast and creative will still be required to quarantine for two weeks when crossing the border, slowing the return of the major studios and streamers for new or restarted production. Film and television...

Prepare For The Death & Rebirth of Hollywood

By Richard Janes Courtesy of Medium Production, exhibition, and good old fashion power are all being violently uprooted in tinsel town and where we land twelve months from now is going to look very different from the last twenty years. Cue creepy music and a slow...

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We’re not just another acting school in Vancouver. And the difference can literally make or break a career. Find out how!

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To have the greatest success and influence immediately after graduation, you want to start meeting key players – fellow artists, Vancouver casting agents, producers while you’re in training. Since the majority of production takes place in Vancouver, it only makes sense to train and network here. Discover one of the best acting programs in Vancouver at Story Institute. We have the best acting coaches to get you ready for Vancouver casting agents. We provide the most complete writing, music creation, and acting classes Vancouver has to offer. Take advantage of industry full-time diploma program for adults and part-time certificate programs for kids and teens of all experience and backgrounds. Our writing training and acting programs provide the professional skills, techniques, and world-class business package to secure work within the incredible diversity of today’s media formats and platforms.