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The Professional Actor

6-month diploma program

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The Professional Actor | Term 1

A professional actor is required to put as much energy into their business as they place into their craft if they desire long-term results. The responsibility of overseeing all aspects on the actor’s business from research and development to marketing to branding, to everything in between rests with the professional actor. While the professional actor will often work with other people throughout their career in the form of agents, managers, publicists, photographers, accountants, and many more they are effectively the CEO of their company and must be accountable for all areas of their career.

The craft of improvisation has become primarily known as a performance showcase based on games and short-form handles like we’ve seen on shows like Whose Line is it Anyway? In reality, improvisation is both a showcase format as well as a explorative tool required for both preparation and performance. This skill set allows the professional actor the ability to develop an understanding of story, character, and all foundational elements to a level where they can instinctually make choices without needing rehearsal or a script.

This module explores the classic foundations of acting in the form of words, actions, emotional life, and physical life. These are the building blocks in which all other modules refer back to in their development and exploration. Starting from grounding performances to emotional accessibility, to text analysis and character study.

The ability to interview for the job requires the same level of training and skill development as actually performing the job. Unlike job interviews in most other careers, the professional actor is often given 5 minutes or less to showcase their skills for the available job opportunity. The four key elements to every audition are be prepared, be efficient, be professional, and be capable of direction. This course will cover the technical aspects of everything from eyelines to performing multiple scenes with the organic elements of truthful emotional connection and grounded work.

The Professional Actor | Term 2

This advanced level program prepares the actor for the specific resources required to sign with a talent agent, create the professional materials (resumes, VO demos, show reels, headshots, cover letters) needed to book professional work, and a firm understanding on unions, working in LA, finding financing for your own creative projects, and a solid business plan that you can assess and revise throughout your entire career. 

A skilled improvisor is able to trust their instincts and intuitions due to an enhanced understanding of the structure of story. This skill is vital in each step of the process, from preparation to audition through to the performance on both the stage and the screen.

The world of voice-overs allows many trained professionals to build studios, work from home, and audition every day of the week. This advanced term focuses on the technical elements of working with beeps for anime and other languages, building your own home studio, and creating an effective VO demo that will help secure a voice-over agent and create strong introductions to casting directors and producers.

The first term is dedicated to core foundations and now the performer is ready for more advanced techniques that allow the actor to have greater access to their emotions, turn fears into excitement, and behave truthfully under imaginary circumstances under the added pressure of lights, camera, and a film crew.

This term culminates into a professional audition demo reel for securing a talent agent, and focuses on both a deeper analysis of the text and emotional connectivity as well as the nuanced elements of taking direction effectively, using props and wardrobe to your advantage, and creating consistency and confidence with your performances.


Professional Actor Diploma
$ 9900 with Purpose Scholarship

International Student Tuition: $11900 (Purpose Scholarship qualifies for $10900)
  • Credential: Diploma
  • 480 hours
  • Mon thru Friday 4 hours a day
  • Spring 2021 pricing, price goes up for Fall intake
2021 pricing

Vancouver & Prince George

Upcoming start dates:

March 27th, 2023 - September 22nd, 2023


Summer Break: June 19th, 2023 - June 30th, 2023

September 25th, 2023 - March 22nd, 2024


Winter Break: December 18th, 2023 - December 29th, 2023

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