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After just one part-time voiceover class at Story Institute, Connor Immonen landed not one, but TWO paid voice-over roles
Carmen - Acting school success
Carmen Pierce has booked a commercial and spent the whole day filming in a stunning mansion!
Peter New Booked!
Peter New BOOKED on a US National Commercial
Peter New Booked a TV Series!
Devyn Dalton, has just landed a confidential two-month stunt gig!
Success Stories
Nikko Harris - Developing a new series!
Actor Sucesses
Hewot Tedla booked on a Game with one of Canada's top voice casting directors after a nationwide search
Booked Max
Max Loyd-Jones just booked a feature film. Final Destination: Bloodlines!
After just one part-time voiceover class at Story Institute, Connor Immonen landed not one, but TWO paid voice-over roles
Josiah Sweetnam in the film Checkmate
Tristan Cabida working a boxing photoshoot
Alumni Yusuf Fabs Cala Directing!
Tiffanie Sun voicing a new video game!
Sidney Quesnelle in a new film.
Elise Bake on the TV series Des Le Debut
Callan Friesen booked another film!
Anita Tolpolko booked a new E-Learning App
Olivia Jonsey booked a new E-Learning App
Sidney Quesnelle booked another film!
Ashley Mauerhofer booked a mbile video game
Lisa-Mae Wilson booked a new film about A.I.
Aranza Guemez in top secret new VO Project
Tiffanie Sun in new VO Project
Check out instructor Tasua Teles in season 2
Alexia De Stefano - Booked Midight Whispers 2
Alexia De Stefano starring in Midnight Whispers
Princess Delta Dawn - Alyssa - Booked Actor
Princess Delta Dawn - Alyssa
Midnight whispers movie
Midnight Whispers - Alexia De Stefano
Audition Student lands Telus Commercial!
Vincent & Hannah star in GREASE!
Instructor Toby Marks in Women Warriors!
Become a Child Actor
Story Institute Alumni & Instructor, Sidney Quesnelle in Superman & Lois!
Acting School Vancouver - Story Institute
Alumni Tristan Cabida BOOKED for Riverdale!
Sidney Quesnelle BOOKED in Superman & Lois

joey reimer in clickbait episode 2


Catch alumni, Tristan Cabida, in Riverdale!

Tristan Riverdale

joey reimer in clickbait

Kirby Morrow as goku (dragonball z)

Instructor, Kirby Morrow as Michealangelo , Teenage Mutant Turtle

Michael coleman as happy

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Acting School Vancouver - Story Institute
Story Institute’s very own graduate Maryk Horn, wasting no time, has booked a role on a very popular Netflix show!
Our student Monroe McWilliams who had her DC universe debut on the CW's Batwoman!
Michael Coleman - Happy
Maggie Blue - My Little Pony Voice over artist
Maggie Blue - DragonBall Z voice over artistDBZ
Maggie Ninjago

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Story Institute Reviews

"Currently taking the part-time program, the audition class in particular, and without a doubt this is the best and most in-depth teaching I've received. You are given more than just an instructor; you are given a mentor whom is there for you beyond that of class hours and genuinely wants to see you succeed! Would highly advise anyone looking into to taking their acting into that "next step", look no further than the Story Institute!"
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Austin Baker
"I had the most incredible, memorable, and absolutely joyful time at Story Institute. My time here has been such an integral building block to my career and I am so glad that I decided to come here! The environment cultivated by Mr. Michael Coleman was incredibly welcoming and this space allowed me to unlock new levels of vulnerability and true authenticity. The teachers I had were amazing and I love them to death! Since then, I’ve had several profound opportunities at the beginning of my acting career, such as opportunities on Riverdale, Charmed, Lifetime TV , and FX Network, which have served as significant building blocks for the future! Nothing but pure love for the teachers, Michael Coleman, and my absolutely amazing experience here!."
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Tristan Cabida
"A great space to learn and experiment with your character. Very safe and comfortable environment to play and with a great, talented instructor. It's an all-inclusive school which takes a lot of the financial stress off of being an actor. The studio is conveniently located close to the Cambie Skytrain on West Broadway. Highly recommend.."
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