Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

Program Advisory Committees (PACs) are critical to creating and sustaining regular communication between educational institutions, community partners, and the industries those institutions serve.

Story Institute is committed to ensuring that our students and instructors experience the highest quality, most progressive, and relevant learning experience possible. This commitment extends to every facet of our educational philosophy, process, and program design and includes choice of instructors, learning and career outcomes, curriculum, exercises, industry interfaces, and post-graduate career supports.

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Ken Hegan Program Advisory Committee

Ken Hegan


Ken Hegan is an award-winning writer/director and has written feature stories for Rolling Stone magazine. With credits on over 20 TV series and specials for broadcast, he also co-wrote the opening essay for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics (narrated by Donald Sutherland) and the award-winning Superbodies series for the Vancouver and London Olympics. He served as Writer in Residence at the Vancouver Public Library from 2019-20.

Chris Wilkinson Program Advisory Committee

Chris Wilkinson


After fifteen years working in the worlds of marketing, advertising, and broadcast, Chris followed his passion for advertising, film and TV production as principal and executive producer at Hadron Films, a Vancouver based, full service production company that brings all the elements of high quality production together.

Sean Maguire Program Advisory Committee

Sean Maguire


Sean made his acting debut at the age of five in Voyage Around My Father with Sir Laurence Olivier. Many TV roles for UK television followed including Tegs in Grange Hill, Aiden Brosnan in Eastenders, Marty in Dangerfield and Lee in Sunburn (BBC). Sean played the role of Euan in The WB sitcom Off Centre and most recently as Robin Hood in ABC’s hit series Once Upon A Time. Born in England, Sean now lives in L.A.

Kim Hudson

Kim Hudson is a narrative theorist and a pioneer in storytelling from the feminine perspective. Author of the groundbreaking The Virgin’s Promise, Kim was trained in geological exploration and functioned as a specialist in treaty negotiation with indigenous people before returning to college to study film and eventually specialize in unifying narrative structures. She is currently a Fellow with the Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue and director of the Two Ways of Knowing project.

PAC Mandate

Story Institute’s Program Advisory Committee or (PAC) offers strategic guidance and feedback to the programs offered at Story Institute. They ensure the programs are consistent year to year in their core foundations while ensuring the continuous evolutions we are seeing in the industry are also implemented to keep our students learning the requirements of not just today but tomorrow as well. The PAC reviews all proposals and major changes to new and/or existing programs and makes recommendations and amendments for consideration.

Story Institute’s PAC provides critical insights to help Story Institute achieve its commitment to:

  • • Educational quality
  • • Operational effectiveness
  • • Financial sustainability
  • • Business development


A PAC is comprised of a program‐relevant cross‐section of representatives from employers, alumni, the professions, and other industry representatives. No Story Institute employee may be a member of a PAC. Each PAC is encouraged to have a non‐voting student representative.

All members of a PAC (except student representatives) are voting members.

A chair is elected by the members of a PAC to serve for a term of two years.

An ad‐hoc PAC may be established when a new program is being developed. The ad‐hoc PAC may become a permanent PAC if so designated by the Director of Education and Business Development.

Meeting Frequency

The frequency and method of meetings depend on the needs of the program area and are established by the chair; however, PACs should hold a minimum of one meeting per academic year.

Annual Reports

Story Institute’s PAC submits an Annual Report to the Board of Directors at the end of each academic year outlining major accomplishments, recommendations for program improvement, and any program‐ related concerns it has identified.

Duties & Responsibilities

The President/CEO, the Director of Education and Business Development, and Directors are responsible for nominating new PAC members.

The Director of Education and Business Development is responsible for reviewing and approving the nominations. The Director of Education and Business Development reports membership additions and terminations to the Board of Directors.

PAC chairs are responsible for scheduling and presiding over meetings, preparing meeting agendas, and seeing to the recording of meeting minutes and the preparation of annual reports.

Under the terms of the College & Institute Act section 23 (i)(k) of the Province of British Columbia, Program Advisory Committees (PACs) are an integral and necessary part of the college system.