Program Advisory Committee

Story Institute Sean Maguire Program Advisory Committee​


Sean Maguire made his acting debut at the age of 5 in Voyage Around My Father with Sir Laurence Olivier. Sean has most recently played The Dark King and Sir Effingham on The Magicians after coming off a successful run as the legendary Robin Hood on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Sean has an extensive career dating back to his roles on the UK’s Grange Hill and The Eastenders.

Story Institute Chris Wilkinson Program Advisory Committee​


Chris Wilkinson is one of the Principal owners of Hadron Films and has created numerous films, television, and commercial productions. Chris is also skilled writer and his understanding of story allows him to guide his productions from pre-production, through production, onto post-production and distribution with confidence and clarity.

Story Institute Ken Heganpng Program Advisory Committee​


Ken Hegan is an award-winning writer/director (Goners, Remission Impossible, Farley Mowat Ate My Brother, William Shatner Lent Me His Hairpiece) and a dashing billionaire playboy. He’s written funny feature stories for Rolling Stone magazine and been a screenwriter on 20+ TV shows.

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