Why Story Institute?

We believe actors should have more control and say over their ability to have success.

We think differently, and this is why we get different results.

Domestic Students

Dream big. Live bigger.

International Students

Dream big. Live bigger.
Shelley WilliamsStudent
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“First class and I already know I’m in the right place to enhance my skills and further my opportunities within this acting field. Michael Coleman is the real deal and truly cares about his student careers!”
Larke MillerStudent
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“Michael Coleman is a great actor and teacher. I highly recommend the Story Institute for both new and experienced actors.”
Khaira LedeyoStudent
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“A beautiful space to work and play.. professional, full of light and good energy. Michael Coleman is wonderful with young actors!”
Why Story Institute

We do things differently at our Vancouver acting school and that’s why we get different results.

As professional actors, we believe success is a habit and not a destination. Vancouver actors who learn the same successful habits that have been applied by many actors who have come before them, often find themselves repeating and exceeding these same levels of success.

• Have more control over your acting career.
• Intensive practice and mastery.
• Learn how to run your acting business like a business.
Learn to be a working actor from those actors already working.
Small acting classes ensure individual attention.
Career Planning starts DAY ONE of your program.
• Share studio space with the film production company, Rebel West Pictures.
Best value in Vancouver.
• Our acting students work our instructors work.

Our Inspiration


Why Story Institute? We believe in loving what you do and having purpose which is why we are inspired by Ikigai the Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being.”

We believe that you can love what you do and make money doing it. 

Ikigai is seen as the convergence of four primary elements:

• What you love (your passion)
• What the world needs (your mission)
• What you are good at (your vocation)
• What you can get paid for (your profession)

By building these principals in our programs you will come out successful and ready for what every may come your way. 

Learn more about the Ikigai concept and how it will inspire you to do more what you love. 

What Our Students Have to Say