Why Story Institute?

Our philosophy ins incredible simple, so simple in fact, most people can’t believe how easy it is to have real, measurable growth and results in this industry if you adopt a few changes to what you are doing now.

Do you ever wonder why more actors seem to work more than others or have more consistency in their bookings? It can’t all be blind luck or based entirely on looks can it? You’re right. it’s not.

Actors who learn and adopt the same daily habits that are shared by the actors already using these same habits to book roles more consistently, often find themselves seeing similar results once these habits become their own.

This isn’t something that can be explained full in a paragraph or even in a video. This is something we recommend people see and experience in order to appreciate the opportunity to make real changes in their careers.

Auditing is always free for any of our programs and we welcome you to check out as many of our programs as you like. 

Send us an email if you like to come speak with one of our instructors, student experience coordinators, or if you would like to check out a class!

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We do things differently here and that’s why we get different results.

We believe success is a habit and not a destination. Actors who learn the same successful habits that have been applied by many actors who have come before them, often find themselves repeating and exceeding these same levels of success.

Have more control over your career.

Intensive practice and mastery.

Learn how to run your business like a business.

Learn to work from those already working.

Small classes ensure individual attention.

Career Planning starts DAY ONE of your program.

Share studio space with Rebel West Pictures.

Best value in Vancouver.

Our students work our teachers work.