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What to expect at a Voice-Over class at Story Institute

What is a Voice-Over Lesson?

Voice-over lessons are invaluable for aspiring voice actors and individuals looking to improve their vocal skills. These classes provide comprehensive training in various aspects of voice acting and help students overcome fears and challenges related to confidence. In this blog, we will explore the top skills typically learned in a voice-over class, plus highlight Kirby Morrow at Story Institute in Vancouver.

Top 8 Skills Learned in a Voice-Over Class:

1. Vocal Technique

Voice-over lessons focus on developing proper vocal technique, including breathing exercises, pitch control, articulation, and projection.

2. Script Analysis:

Students learn to analyze scripts effectively, understanding the intended tone, emotions, and characterizations required to bring the text to life.

3. Voice Acting Styles

Voice-over classes explore various voice acting styles, such as commercial, animation, narration, and video games, helping students discover their strengths and preferences.

4. Character Development:

 Students learn techniques to create unique and believable characters, including voice characterization, accents, and understanding character motivations.

5. Recording and Editing:

Voice-over lessons often provide hands-on experience with professional recording equipment and software, teaching students to edit and polish their recordings.

6. Auditioning Skills

Students gain insights into the audition process, learning how to create a standout demo reel and navigate casting calls successfully.

7. Industry Insights:

Voice-over classes offer valuable knowledge about the voice-over industry, including how to market oneself, find representation, and build a successful career.

8. Overcoming Confidence Challenges

One of the significant benefits of voice-over lessons is the opportunity to overcome fears and challenges related to self-confidence. Students receive constructive feedback, learn to embrace their unique voice, and gain the confidence to express themselves freely.

Lessons Available at Story Institute for All Ages:

Story Institute in Vancouver offers voice-over lessons suitable for individuals aged 8 years to adult. Whether you’re a young talent looking to explore the world of voice acting or an adult seeking to enhance your skills, these lessons provide a nurturing environment to develop your craft. The experienced instructors ensure a comprehensive learning experience tailored to each student’s needs.

Acting Scholarship in Memory of Kirby Morrow:

Kirby Morrow, an esteemed voice actor and beloved instructor at Story Institute, left a lasting impact on the industry with his talent and dedication. As a tribute to his remarkable contributions, there is a Full-Ride scholarship in his memory at the Story Institute. This scholarship serves as a reminder of Kirby’s passion for teaching and provides aspiring voice actors with an opportunity to further their education and follow in his footsteps. Apply for the Kirby Morrow Scholarship here.

Rewarding journey of voice-acting

In conclusion, voice-over lessons offer a gateway to the exciting world of voice acting. Through these classes, students acquire essential skills, overcome confidence challenges, and gain industry insights. With accomplished voice artist and instructors at Story Institute in Vancouver, aspiring voice actors have a remarkable opportunity to learn from the best. Regardless of age, Story Institute’s voice-over lessons provide a nurturing environment to develop and refine vocal talents, helping individuals embark on a rewarding journey in the world of voice acting.

“Voice acting is not just about reading lines. It’s about finding the soul of the character and giving it a voice that resonates with the audience.” Kirby Morrow

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