Acting Workshop | How to use Physicality to Build your Character
Tuesday April 16th, 7pm - 9pm

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Acting Skills Workshop

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Acting Workshop | How to use physicality to build your character

Join us on Tuesday, April 16th, for an exciting workshop led by the talented Instructor, Beth Cantor!

📅 Date: Tuesday, April 16th

🕖 Time: 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

💰 Price: $50

Location: 604 W Broadway, Vancouver

🎭 Dive into the art of character development with our special focus on utilizing physicality. Learn how to bring your characters to life through body language, movement, and gesture.

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Only 7% of what we communicate is from spoken words. 

That means:

93% of what we convey to the world is non-verbal cues. 

38% is tone, pauses, volume and clarity

55% is body language, movement, facial expression, etc.

Learning how a character moves.

-is your character confident? Distressed? 

How to embody pain, whether a new injury or an old one.

-making a choice that has consistency will bring out life. Examples are House, an old injury affects how he moves, how he talks, how he views the world.

Personalization and substitution.

-we all have an inner world. We have an inner monologue that will directly affect our experience. Make that experience visible to those around us.


-the way someone stands or sits can tell a story all on it’s own as to what’s happening for that character even before they speak.

Movement and voice

-using given circumstances and text analysis will offer many clues as to how your character will behave, and where their voice will radiate from.

Authenticity drives it home.

About your Instructor:

Beth has experience and training on stage and on screen. She is known from Detention Night (2011), A Safe Place (2016), and Mongo (2020). She has great experience teaching aspiring and working actors character building, audition, and improv. 

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