Writing For Film, TV, Fiction & New Media Diploma Program


It all begins with a great story.

The first, most important building block of every film, television, online platform, or media production/publication is a strong story concept combined with a tight, compelling narrative that engages and captivates your audience.

Your success as a writer depends on combining a professional work ethic with core industry skills and techniques perfected through repeat practice, workshop-based feedback, coaching, effective networking, and critical post-graduate supports.

Most importantly, your success depends on writing! Regularly, consistently, mentored by professionals who hold you accountable to your own goals, so you go from a wannabe who dreams of being a writer one day to actually getting it done and getting it out there. That’s what students consider the #1 reason and greatest value for taking a full-time writing program in the first place: it gets them writing and keeps them writing until their project is complete, while giving them the skills and confidence needed to write professionally for the rest of their lives. 

Real-world writing applications include:

     • Film
     • Television
     •  Web series
     •  Podcast

     •  Comics
     •  Ficti
on writing
     •  Non-fiction writing
     •  Blogging
     •  Copy writing

The 6-month Writing for Film, TV, Fiction & New Media Diploma Program provides every student with: 

    • A diploma in Writing for Screen & New Media
    • A comprehensive writing portfolio, including original scripts, show bibles, and one-sheets for film, TV, web series, podcast, and other media
    • Full business package including: resume, digital self-marketing strategy, industry one-sheets, and more
    • Professional interface with major screenplay festivals, competitions, and other submission opportunities
> A personalized Master Plan including goal-setting, idea tracking, schedule, and milestones to ensure your projects are completed on time
> Lifetime access to the SI Resources Database & Alumni Directory
> Lifetime mentorship and enhanced alumni supports


Story Institute’s Professional Writer diploma program is the ultimate synthesis of timeless story fundamentals and current and emergent media trends plus the critical business tools, industry connections and indie media production foundations professional writers need to succeed. Our students set professional goals and targets with professional industry guidance and deepen core writing skills, including:

     > Writing Master Plan & schedule
     > Loglines
     > Thematic premise/Moral argument
     > Character construction
     > World building
     > Scene building
     > Dialogue
     > Plot structure
     > Genre
     > Diversity & representation in media
Script formatting

     > New media platforms
     > Script development
     > Branding, marketing, and promotions

In addition, graduates will be able set, measure, and reset short term and long term goals to ensure ongoing creative and professional progress.

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