Voice Over (Youth)

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Voice Over Youth Story Institute

Program Overview

The animation and video game industry have made Vancouver one of the premiere destinations in the world. Additionally, the opportunities for radio and TV voice-overs and recording from home for studios all over the world has become a fantastic primary or added revenue stream for numerous Vancouver actors. Voice-actors still have the same job as on-camera or stage actors – Serve the story.

We believe actors who learn the story before they try to learn their lines have longer and more consistent careers. Whether you are in class, in the audition, or on set, we believe it is important to always deliver your highest level. We don’t deliver a lesser quality at the audition or in class than we would bring to set. This doesn’t mean we’re incapable of making adjustments or accepting feedback, this can and will happen even when you’re on set. We do, however, believe the audition should be a professional performance with room for adjustments. This class helps students build the confidence, habits, and skills needed to nail auditions, whether conducted live or submitted via digital recording online. This class is designed for actors of all experience levels and students regularly book lead, supporting, and guest star roles. It’s not always about working harder, we need to also work smarter. How do we know this system works? Our students work. Our teachers work. Using these very same skills.


Diversify and define your vocal range so you can confidently perform numerous voices with confidence.

Create characters and voices you have deep inside.

Vocal self-care to maintain and protect your instrument.

How to create opportunities that allow you to audition for paid work every day.

Use the audition space to create authentic and professional environments.

Apply proper mic technique and allow the technology to enhance and not prohibit your voices.