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Students of Story Institute Acting School have access to a team of instructors and FREE COACHING and FREE RECORDINGS!

Tuition: Four equal payments $249.00


The world of voice-overs is one of the most fun and creative environments in the entertainment industry. It gives you the ability to play all kinds of roles without considering age, gender, or any other identifying characteristic. You can create an entire library of characters and play multiple roles on a project if you know how to diversify your range and do so in a consistent and authentic fashion.

There is a combination of organic and technical aspects required to work in the voice-over industry. You must learn to use your voice and body like a well-trained instrument and take proper care of it too. You must learn how to use the space and microphone to expand your range and skills in a way to creates realistic characters and a believable environment. There are numerous ways in which we can monetize our skills as trained voice actors and there isn’t any prerequisite on the age in which you can start.

CARTOONS. Vancouver is home to some of the most popular animated shows in the world. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dragonball Z, My Little Pony, Inuyasha, Reboot, Lego Star Wars, The Dragon Prince, Dinotrux, Corner Gas, and many, many more. From anime to North American Pre-lay series and everything in between.

VIDEO GAMES. Vancouver has become one of the main destinations for the video game industry, with many top players having their head offices based here. This is an incredible opportunity for locals to become the voices of the games they also play.

RADIO. This is one of the more consistent opportunities to audition in this industry, Many radio ads only run for a few weeks and thus there is always a need for new content and new voices.

PODCASTS. This growing industry doesn’t require you to audition or wait for someone to invite you to participate. You can get started here on your own right away.

CORPORATE. There are numerous companies around the world who need to create content for their customers and within their own companies. This creates countless opportunities for voice-over performers to book work promoting these ideas and services.

TV & FILM. Many live action films require voice-over actors to add life to computers, aliens, cars, and even all of the characters we see in the background.

These are just some of the ways a trained voice-over actor can earn a living in this exciting part of the entertainment industry.

TUITION: 4 equal payments of $249.00 for 16 weeks

SCHOLARSHIP: (link to Kindness scholarship) 4 equal payments of $199.00

ALL-INCLUSIVE TRAINING: You do not pay for your coachings or your tapings. They are included in the price of the class. One low fee and you receive numerous benefits.

* Value of coaching $75/hour

* Value of taping $75/hour


  • How to expand your range.
  • How to create new voices.
  • How to apply the “acting” in “voice acting”
  • How to care for your voice.
  • How to find what’s not on the page.
  • How to create an effective demo tape.
  • How to get an agent.
  • How to read an audition breakdown.
  • How to have fun and nail 100% of your auditions.



September 7, 2019 – December 21, 2019

Saturdays – Ages 10:13 – 3:00:pm – 5:30pm

September 7, 2019 – December 21, 2019

Sundays – Ages 18+ – 12:00pm – 2:30pm

Saturdays – Ages 14 to 17 – 3:00:pm – 5:30pm


320 - 640 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G4, Canada