"Your approach is so helpful and practical. I've studied with a bunch of teachers but I wish I started with your classes long ago!"

Mathew Thiessen (Lord Byng Drama Teacher)

“First class and I already know I’m in the right place to enhance my skills and further my opportunities within this acting field. Michael Coleman is the real deal and truly cares about his student careers!”

Shelley Williams

“Michael Coleman is a great actor and teacher. I highly recommend the Story Institute for both new and experienced actors.”

Larke Miller

“Had the most amazing time learning and growing with Story Institute for the past couple of months! It was a blessing to be guided by incredible actor and instructor Michael Coleman!! My cup runneth over! So elated and looking forward to upward movement on my acting journey!”

Leslie Barnett

“The PT Audition classes I've been taking with Michael Coleman have been amazing. They have been small sized classes which allows a lot of time to get personalized instruction and constructive feedback from not only Michael, but from the rest of the class participants as a way for everyone to continuously be engaged throughout the class, taking advantage of the time that's available to learn even when you're not the one in front of the camera. I find that with the small groups it's easier to connect with the other students and a family like relationship is built quickly. Everyone is there to support each other while we're all pushed past our comfort zones (which is the only way to grow as far as I've experienced). I've always felt as ease at Story Institute, even with the nerves that come up before it's my turn to perform. From my first meeting with Michael I've felt he is truly interested in identifying what my goals are and doing whatever he can to help me move towards them. I could go on for a while longer, so I'm going to summarize as best I can. My experience at Story Institute has me feeling seen, heard, truly supported, pushed to grow, and a place where new meaningful relationships are developed on top of developing skills. I've never been so excited to continuously go somewhere that pushes me out of my comfort zone consistently. I highly recommend checking Story Institute out for anyone who is either interested in pursuing anything in the TV/Film industry or just curious about dipping a toe in to see how it is.”

Sean Fortier

“Michael Coleman is a wonderful and true Acting Coach. Not only is he able to clearly transmit the Fundamental Structures of a scene delivery ..but is himself a gifted Actor, Producer and Writer..! That allows him the freedom to easily transition between "worlds", perform and show you in real time, in front of the camera, what he means and what that "delivery" produces in the audience. I work with him in the Saturday class and I find his "hands-on" approach clear, clever, empowering and authentic. Needless to say, I wholeheartedly recommend the Story Institute to everyone who loves our craft and wants to get good at it!”

Guide G. Furlani

“This class was a HUGE gift! A perspective shift rooted in the larger picture. The content and life lessons were greatly appreciated and will be used moving forward. The instructor really captured the importance of serving the story. A scene is essentially a snapshot of the Characters circumstances. So now I’m always asking what the writer wants the viewer to gather/get in this scene, which will help their story be understood. So important. I never looked at scenes like this before.”

Jasmine Burns

“A beautiful space to work and play.. professional, full of light and good energy. Michael Coleman is wonderful with young actors!”

Khaira Ledeyo

“Michael has the rare quality of teaching where he can target what is not working and working for the actor in a scene. He is an acute listener who observes and takes note what is truth and what is not. This can only enhance an actor’s career to be successful. I am totally grateful.”

Tabatha Visutskie

“My girls love learning with them, every time they are thrilled to go and come back excited!”

Daisy Castelli Barassi