Student Writing Fundamentals

What Our Students Say

“Taking the writing program was a supremely enjoyable and eye-opening experience. It offers a wealth of information and helps foster a fun, informative and safe learning environment. I could share my work with confidence and found instructor feedback insightful, on the mark, and helpful in making my work stronger.”

Rachelle Lachland, Manager of Vancouver TheatreSports

“Paul’s blend of professionalism, clarity, humour, obvious knowledge of the subject matter and sincere interest in his students made the course a highlight in my journey as a writer. I came away with the tools to write my first professional screenplay.” Satya Redekop, writer

“The instructor’s passion and exciting for screenwriting radiated throughout the class, creating a fun and creative environment where rookies and pros can learn and create together. I thought I knew how to write; then I took the writing program and now I know I can. Highly recommended.” Eric Carbery, filmmaker and graduate of Smithers Secondary

“I grew more as a writer from this program than from any other class I’ve taken before.” Maren Vakomies, writer and graduate of Earl Marriott Secondary

“The writing program offers incredible insight into the structure behind the craft of storytelling, in a concise, easy manner that should benefit both beginner and experienced screenwriters alike. I really appreciated the business insights as well.” Maheshinder Singh, filmmaker and graduate of LA Matheson Secondary

“Learning how to write professionally was incredibly fun, engaging and helpful for me! The instructional approach makes you feel comfortable to share all your ideas without fear of judgement. I brought many ideas to the table that he was able to fine tune, helping to make them more interesting by adding depth and originality. I’m so glad I was able to find this program and improve my screenwriting skills in a positive and fun environment. I’ve recommended it to friends and will continue to do so for anyone looking to improve their writing and storytelling skills.”

Ruth-Ann Reich, writer

“The writing program was something I looked forward to attending every week. There was an infectious energy that made learning about storytelling and analyzing screenplays fun. The teacher also created a great group environment where it was easy for everyone to discuss and share ideas.”

Nikita Zhang, graduate of Burnaby North Secondary

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