Only applicable for the professional actor 101


Submit a one page document with your enrollment application on what you plan to do while in school that will make the world a better place. This can be anything from regularly donating an hour a week to a charity, or planting “X” amount of trees each month, or you tell us,… be creative! Review your plan with an admissions adviser. You will then create a contract with yourself to ensure you hold yourself to completing your mission of purpose. If you complete your mission you will receive $1,000 at graduation and you can do whatever you want with this money. Go on a vacation? Continue your training? Invest in head shots? Whatever you like! (Should you not complete your mission you can select a charity of your choice and the institute will donate $1,000 in your name to this charity.)

Include this with your submission to admissions@storyinstitute.ca

Volunteer 4 hours a month and qualify for your $1,000 scholarship.

As professional actors we are given the wonderful honour of reflecting how our moment in time sees yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But we don’t have to simply be spectators. We can make the world a better place through random acts of kindness and volunteering to help those who can truly benefit from our assistance.

Here are some examples of great organizations that qualify for our PURPOSE scholarship.

  • BC Children’s Hospital
  • Downtown Eastside Womens’ Centre
  • BC Cancer Society
  • Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver
  • Greater Vancouver Food Bank
  • Go Volunteer

You aren’t limited to the incredible organizations above. Tell us how you are going to make the world a better place for at least 4 hours a month and we will take it into consideration!

  • Walk your neighbors dog?
  • Shovel snow off of the sidewalk and driveways of your neighbors?
  • Start a club at school that promotes random acts of kindness for at least one hour every week?

The possibilities are endless. If you can show us you are making the world a better place once a week we are happy to reward these efforts!