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Program Overview

Improv acting classes with industry professionals.

Improvisation is a core foundation of all professional performance. Whether it be for camera, stage, or other, the ability to know a story so well it gives you the ability to say and do what would authentically happen without a script is crucial to truly serving the story.

While improv is often known best as a performance piece, like you see on shows like Whose Line Is it Anyway?or live stages across the globe, it is also an invaluable asset in the preparation of auditions or scenes, the audition itself, and both scripted and unscripted performances.

Improv is not about finding what wasn’t written and fixing the material or the story, it is about finding what isn’t on the page and truly making a scene a truly authentic experience under the imaginary circumstances.

When someone learns how to play an instrument or sing they often first learn how to read the notes and play them, or sing them out loud. But musicians who know how to find the moments that aren’t on the sheet and make the song stronger by enhancing what is already there are what legends are made of in that genre. The same rules apply here.

When it comes to auditioning and film and television you will find a recurring theme; actors with extensive improv training book more and more consistently. This isn’t a coincidence.
In addition to the training we are offering at Story Institute in the area of improvisation, we are also the proud home of the Loose Leaf improvisation theatre company.