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Story Institute
320 – 640 W. Broadway Street
Vancouver, BC  V5Z 1G4

Phone: 778-222-8677

(Full-time programs only): Admission Requirements

To qualify for Story Institute’s full-time programs, applicants must have a strong work ethic and an insatiable willingness to learn. Applicants will be interviewed by a member of the school’s admissions team where they will have an opportunity to exhibit their ability to take direction and showcase their preparation abilities via a prepared audition piece and written or video essay based on assigned homework for interview.

Applicants must be able to pass the IELTS test with a minimum overall score of 6.5, with a minimum score of 6.0 in each category for the Academic test.


Once accepted to one of our diploma programs, your Story Institute tuition payments are divided into three instalments:

  • $500 deposit and a signed student contract are due within 10 days of acceptance to confirm your enrolment
  • $1000 due 90 days prior to start date
  • Balance of tuition (or verification of student loan approval) due by Day 1 of program

*Tuition fees are subject to change. Students should also budget for books and supplies. Please contact us for estimated amount.


Tuition payments can be made by cheque or money order (Canadian dollars, made out to Story Institute), e-transfer or in-office debit. Your student service representative will gladly provide assistance if required.



1-page written essay or 2-minute video essay on the following central questions: 

   • Why does the world need storytellers and why do I want to be a professional actor?


   • Why does the world need storytellers and why do I want to be a professional writer?


   • Why does the world need storytellers and why do I want to be a professional song writer?



Receive a replay from an advisor within one-week and schedule an interview/audition.


We are not looking for creatives to come in with all of the skills required to work professionally. This is the part we teach you. What we are looking for is your work ethic and willingness to take direction. If you come in prepared and are truly willing to take direction you are not only going to pass your audition but have a fn time doing so as well.


Assuming you have come in prepared and ready to work for your Audition/Interview, you are now set! and ready begin your pivotal steps forward into a professional, creative career. At this point an admissions advisor will gladly assist you in every step you wish from housing to part-time employment to securing financial aid. 

Story Institute is founded on the idea that everyone has a story and everyone also has a right to share that story. We are ready to do everything in our power to ensure you have a long and productive career that exceeds even your own expectations, we will do everything within our power to make sure it happens. We want to work with people who know their “why” in terms of this career. Why do you want to be a creative professional? Teaching someone how to do it or what to do is easy. But when some one truly knows WHY they want to do it, everything changes.

So worry less about how brilliant you will be in your audition or interview. We are looking for a show, we are looking at you as a person. We care far more about how hard you will work and how smart your approach will be and how willing you are to try new things than any other consideration. Break a leg!