The Audition Room

Part-time, weekends (16 weeks)


The Audition Room targets those critical skills and disciplines actors require to anticipate, prepare for, and nail professional auditions every single time, whether conducted live before casting directors, producers, and/or directors or as submitted via digital recording and submitted online. Students are taught, nurtured, and mentored by industry professionals with a strong depth of professional experience (including lead and supporting credits in film and television) and who are committed to your success and professional excellence.

Duration: 4 months (16 weeks)

Cost: 4 x $249.00 ($199 after the SI Kindness Scholarship – ask for details.)

Bonuses: All coachings and training included (Value: $75/hr).

Next Start Date: 

Sunday, October 6: (Requell Jodeah) Sundays, 6:30 – 9:00

Ongoing: (Michael Coleman) Saturdays, Sundays (September 7 – December 22)

Professional skill set acquired:

  • Industry protocols and expectations of auditioning
  • How to transition nervousness into excitement
  • Personal and career goal-setting
  • Expanding your acting range
  • Creation of new characters and voices
  • Memorizing lines
  • Emotional connection
  • Applying direction quickly and effectively
  • Maintaining confidence and focus on- and off-camera
  • Incorporation of props and wardrobe
  • Applying core acting skills to voice acting specifically
  • Script breakdowns
  • Finding what’s not on the page
  • Vocal self-care
  • Demo tape creation
  • Securing an agent
  • Reading audition breakdowns


  • Bonuses:
  • Free coachings
  • Free tapings

Things to think about as you get ready to train:

Be prepared. You will rarely get more than 24-48 hours to prepare an audition. Make sure you have enough training to properly deliver an authentic performance.

Be efficient. You will have only a few minutes to deliver your performance. You need to come in with confident choices. You need to be able to deliver connected and authentic emotional responses without taking several minutes off the top to “get into character”. You need to understand the scene, the relationships, the character, and most importantly the story well enough to apply changes quickly.

Be respectful. Be on time. Be real. Be prepared. Be appropriate. This is a workplace and all workplace rules apply. Always be a positive reflection of you, your agent, and the casting director.

Be directable. This doesn’t mean just agreeing with a direction. You must not only understand it. But be able to apply it. You also need to ensure you understand what the specific note or direction is and you don’t simply guess what the Director or Casting Director is asking you to do. 

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