Audition (Online)

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Program Overview Audition (Online)

Every actor spends 90% of their time auditioning. Knowing how to audition is a specific skill that every actor needs to learn, in addition to acting, in order to be successful in obtaining roles. In Audition (Online) you will learn and apply the fundamentals of this skill to scenes that you will choose and bring to each acting class. 

With Audition (Online), learn the academic and structural elements needed to dissect a scene beat by beat with nuanced and real life stakes and objectives and combine them with the organic exercises and skills to let them live in your body authentically so you are behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances. If your goal is to go into a room and perform the scene exactly as you intended as a means to define “success”, this acting class can change your success rate to 100%.


Cost: $750
(12 weeks)
Mondays: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Instructor: Sidney Quesnelle
April 5th to July 21st