Our Vancouver Acting School Instructors


Our Acting Institute’s success is based on your professional acting success and our acting school instructors get you there. Our goal to be the best acting school in Vancouver begins with our instructors.

We want to know your specific goals and then we will work with you on specific short-term and long-term goals that have a singular focus– exceed these goals.

Michael Coleman acting instructor

Michael Coleman


Michael Coleman has a 25+ year resume in film, television, and voicing animation and video games.  Coleman is most recognized for his 7 year role on ABC’s Once Upon a Time but has also worked on Smallville, Stargate, Dragonball Z, Hello Kitty, Inuyasha, Hamtaro, and several other projects. Michael’s students have gone on to perform lead or supporting roles on shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Letterkenny, Riverdale, My Little Pony, Lego Star Wars, Supernatural, Sabrina, The 100, and countless other shows. Michael Coleman has trained with coaches from LA, New York, and Vancouver and has combined various methods that he uses in his own every day career. Read more about Michael Coleman.

Raquel Riskin acting instructor

Raquel Riskin


Raquel Riskin has 15+ years experience as a professional actor, with appearances on Supernatural, Stargate, Flash Gordon, Van Hellsing, Motive, and many other series and films. Raquel is also very active in the voice-over industry, currently she can be heard as the voice of Kay Jewellers.
Her diverse and consistent training over the years allow her to offer a wide range of exercises and solutions for her students.

Laird Reghenas acting instructor

Laird Reghenas


Laird Reghenas, a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse, has spent the last 10+ years training and performing in New York and Vancouver. His diverse acting training and extensive stage experience have given him a unique perspective on the craft of acting that he is always more than happy to share with his students. Laird works consistently, both on stage and on-camera, and continues to challenge himself daily as a performer. This commitment to daily growth is something Coleman is also able to share with his students. Laird is the artistic director of the Group Van Theater Company. We are happy to have him as a professional instructor here at Story Institute Acting School In Vancouver!

Mathias Retemal acting instructor

Mathias Retemal


Mathias studied Media Technology for Film and Television Production Sets at Collège O’Sullivan de Montréal and worked as a freelance behind the camera. He was never happy about his job, but his passion for film was burning within. One day, just like out of fiction, a stranger happened to pass by and suggested him to try acting. Right then and there, he decided to get out from behind the camera to flourish in front of it. Mathias has built an incredible resume in a relatively short amount of time with memorable roles on The Romeo Section, Arrow, The Flash, The Main the High Castle, Rogue, Legends of Tomorrow, FIFA ’19 and many, many more.

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