Butterflies in your stomach. Sweaty palms. Trembling legs. A pounding heart. Sound familiar?

These are some of the more common physical symptoms of fear or nervousness. You know, those annoying emotions you feel when you’re getting ready for that next big audition?

Here’s the good news: these are also the very same sensations we experience when we get excited!

Why is that good news? Because it means that whenever you find yourself getting nervous or freaked out, the secret is not to run away from those feelings, but rather to run towards them, embrace them, and accept them as excitement! Make that one mental shift, that one alteration in perspective, and it can change everything, creating confidence and enthusiasm where just a few seconds ago, their was nothing but reluctance and insecurity.

Go ahead, say it out loud: “This is exciting!” Don’t wait for your next audition, try it everywhere, because this isn’t just about acting, it’s about your whole life! As often as possible. You can alter negative patterns of thought and even come to embrace these sensations through repetitive, mindful approaches such as the idea being presented here.

Focus on the here and now. Focus on gratitude.

This leads to a second enormous mind shift you can apply in changing these negative thought patterns

into empowering ones.

The weight of expectations can be more than anyone can bear. And when it comes to the thought that the next audition could be the one that changes everything can be overwhelming. In a similar approach to how we transition fear into excitement, try changing your expectations into gratitude.

Sanford Meisner once said, “Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” and this is perhaps the most definitive phrasing I’ve ever heard in terms of describing what actors do on stage or

on camera. This blog series will not be an all-encompassing information resource that will unlock all of the secrets of acting. In fact, no book or teacher can deliver anything close to this idea. A commitment to a life as an actor is a commitment to a lifelong pursuit of education and finding new levels. Hopefully this doesn’t scare, hopefully it excites you.

Over the next few posts in this series called “The Audition”, we’re going to give you a powerful set of tools that will help you walk into any audition room, anytime, and deliver a performance that gets you invited back or booked! Truth is, nobody books 100% of the roles they audition. There’s a good chance you’ve already discovered that, you don’t need us to tell you! But if you can deliver a bookable audition 100% of the time, the chances of landing more auditions and booking many more roles goes up exponentially.


Let’s get started!