Story Institute was honoured to be a sponsor of this year’s ZOOM BC Student Film Festival, hosted by Mulgrave School in West Vancouver.

SI education director Paul Donnett also served as a member of the judges’ panel, which reviews dozens of films from schools across the province. At the November 30 awards ceremony, Donnett presented the Story Institute Best Screenplay Award to the creators of the film Oh Brother, from R.E. Mountain Secondary in Langley, which included $1000 scholarships and story editing services to each of the student writers.

About Zoom: In 1999, a vision of using film studies as a catalyst for teaching creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration, gave birth to the ZOOM Film Festival in a Mulgrave School classroom. Recognized today as one of the province’s most popular student film competitions, what started as a North Shore festival with ten entries, consistently garners over 75 entries a year from secondary school students across all of BC. To date, the festival has awarded over $500,000 in cash prizes and scholarships thanks to the support of sponsors like Story Institute, Young Moviemakers, Vancouver Film School, Lorne Lapham, Tarlington Studios among others.

Congratulations again to everyone who participated, to the winners, and to Matt Kennedy and team for another spectacular year. We look forward to joining ZOOM again in 2020!